Conditions Of Car Insurance

As usual, the insurance companies conclude the insurance contracts with both, the owners of vehicles and those who travel with the letter of attorney, and with tenants. Does any car can be insured? Some insurance companies insure only vehicles that are under 1992 year of release; others do not give the insurance to vehicles which have been in service for 6 years except those cases when the significant upgrade of the car was made. Therefore, if your car is 6-8 years, you can count on insurance but it should be borne in mind – if your car is old, it is cheaper, but repair of either new or old car costs the same.

Each insurance company has its own conditions of insurance, its own programs for domestic and imported cars. And these programs differ slightly but there are significant points. One of them – the insurance for the only one insurance amount in the size of value of the car which is set at a market; and two insurance amounts – equal to the cost of a new car (damage) and the market cost (the hijacking, the complete destruction). All this peculiarities would be specified in insurance company and you will be said and explained of the benefits of a particular approach of the insurance company.

Insurance programs in addition to payments in case of accident also include the repair of vehicles on the accounts of those SRT which have the special contracts with the definite insurance company. And in case of damage of the car the insurance company will recommend you to contact the certain SRT but you as a client will also have the right to choose the SRT. At these service stations the insurance companies are given with the certain privileges – car repairs without waiting in line, some discounts.

Regarding the annual insurance premium, it depends on the class of car being insured, if it is domestic or imported, a date of issue, what is your driving experience, how many people are allowed to use the car etc. On average it amounts to 3-9% for domestic cars and to foreign cars it is about 6-12% of the insurance sum at the minimum franchise (franchise means that part of the damage remains at the risk of the policyholder, i.e. this part of the loss will not be covered by the insurance company). Jeeps and Mercedes insurance payments are higher because they are considered to be the high-risk vehicles.

Usually the insurance companies work out their own car insurance contracts for their clients and not infrequently these contracts fix the obligation of clients to inform the insurance company in case of change of circumstances having been reported at the moment of contract conclusion. In this case the insurance company has the right to insist on changing the terms of the contract and, if such a change is not acceptable for the insured person, on termination of the contract.


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