Insurance Services

These days many insurers face the skeptical relation and approach to insurance sphere from the potential clients. If the insurance company wants positively influence their image they are trying to be active in advertising their product. However in this way they should comprehend a lot of features of the advertising industry and with high effort.

Today the consumer is insufficiently informed on existing possibilities of system of insurance, and the structure and a sentence structure of insurance services constantly vary and expand. Thus insurance as a financial product has no material form. For this reason advertising activity of the insurer is reduced to three problems: to inform to the buyer positive character of insurance business, to depict a set of given services and to generate the image depending on principles of business dealing and mission of the certain company.

Mission of the insurance company should be clear to everyone. She assumes to report to the potential consumer about not indispensability and utility of a product, and she states that the company is reliable and steady player in the market. It is necessary, that the company had certain social underlying reason, for example, the implied sense confirming the important vital values: family, morally-ethical, connected with health, with the future. It is important to distinguish mission and an advertising slogan, because last shows a capacious, laconic, well remembered message.

As a whole all advertising of insurance services is expedient for dividing on media channels: TV, radio, printing, external, the Internet, direct-marketing (dispatch of leaflets and Internet dispatch) and product-placement (brand integration to the features of films or a TV shows, for example, when on the car of the leading hero is written the name of the insurance company). It is considered that the insurance company can in the best way to inform the insurer on necessity of own services only with the help of television and radio channels.

Their efficiency is explained by the possibility to construct a plot which draws attention and is better remembered. However radio and TV, as it is known differs in the high quotations and focus its attention on the insurance services rendered to physical persons. Thereupon the outdoor advertising (advertising on buildings, boards, signboards) differs from other form of advertisings with its inevitability of information influence, for example, it is easier to switch TV-channel than not to pay attention to a board and consequently it is rather very effective tool.

The honorable third place belongs to breadboard models in a press. Depending on the edition in which the breadboard model takes places the target audience gets out. For example, in business magazines is actively advertised car insurance and property insurance, in branch magazines is advertised more often services in insurance of industrial risks, in the editions devoted to a family and health is more often advertised life insurance and medical insurance and so on.