The average car insurance premium in Nova Scotia and the other Atlantic provinces is between $1500-1600. The rates in some of the larger cities and provincial capitals of those provinces are comparable to those in Alberta – $1600-$1800. However, the rates don’t always tell the whole story about car insurance. For example some of the Atlantic provinces have a cap on claims for pain and suffering resulting from a driving related injury.Auto insurance usually becomes an issue before elections in every province in Canada, and there are conflicting reports about its values for the Canadian consumers, but still the best way to find what is best for you is to start your search for affordable car insurance rates online and compare. Before you make a decision, you should get at least three free online car insurance quotes. It always pays to shop around. If you are a new driver, consider taking a driving course. This will pay for itself over the next couple of years when you start paying less for your insurance.

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