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Usa car insurance is form of risk management used to hedge against the risk of contingent. It is generally defined as the equitable transfer pf the risk of loss from one entity to another In the form of payment .It includes two way passages—
An Insurer- It is a Company selling the insurance

The Insured- The insured or policyholder is a person or entity buying the insurance policy.
The Policyholder has to give certain amount of money to the insurance company which is known by the name of premium.

The transaction involves the insurer receiving a guaranteed payment to by the insured in case of some lose to the entity for which policy has been taken. The insured receives a contract from the insurer on which conditions and circumstances have been mentioned on the basis of which insurer will be compensated.

Types of Insurance
As there are certain principles on which the best car insurance companies work, there are certain types of insurance policies also. Types of insurance policies include:

Auto Insurance- Auto insurance protects the policyholder against financial loss in the form of any vehicle they own such as accident or theft of car or another vehicle.
Gap Insurance- Gap insurance covers the excess amount of auto loan when the company does not cover the entire insurance.
Home Insurance- Home insurance covers for the damage or destruction of policyholder’s home.
Health Insurance- Health insurance covers the cost of all the medical treatments.

Accident, sickness and Unemployment Insurance- This insurance covers the all the losses to the policyholder due to accident, sickness and unemployment.
Life Insurance- Life insurance gives monetary benefits to a decedent’s family.
Property Insurance- Property insurance covers the loss of property due to any geographical damage or another damage.
There are several her types of insurance also such as pension, liability, casual insurance etc.

Effects of Insurance on Society
Insurances like usa car insurance can have various effects on the society through the way it changes who bears the cost of losses and damage. On the one hand it can increase fraud, on the other hand prepares the society and individual for the future catastrophe or mishap.

Usa Car Insurance
usa car insurance
However, here we have to debate about car insurance which is a part of auto insurance. It must be noted that now a day not only of cars but it has become a necessity to insure every vehicle whether two wheeler or four-wheeler. We must use car insurance to protect our car from any damage or theft or any accidental loss.

Car Insurance covers protect the policyholder against financial loss in the event incident involving any loss to the car such as traffic collision etc.Car Insurance typically covers:

  1. Property coverage for damage to or the theft of the car
  2. Liability Coverage, for the legal responsibility to the others for bodily injuries or property damage.
  3. Car Insurance also covers any loss to any part of car based on the terms and conditions mentioned in the policy taken.
    However, different coverage is given by different companies according to their terms and conditions. Now we will talk about some of the best car insurance policies given by different insurance companies.
  4. ICICI Car Insurance
    -Benefits given by ICICI are:
    A digitally signed policy is issued through online facility.
    Optional Personal accidents cover up to Rs 2Lakhs for co-passengers.
    Doorstep surveyor to cover your car with break-in insurance.
  5. HDFC Car Insurance
  • HDFC Car insurance covers
    Loss or Damage to the Vehicle due to following events:

Accident due to some outside reasons
Robbery, Breaking Down of House or theft.
Any Damage due to fire, explosion or thunder-storm or lightening or any other mishap.
Damage done to the vehicle due to terrorist attacks, communal riots, strikes, Malicious acts
Damage Done to car due to any mishap due to rail, road or any other medium
Any Damage done to vehicle due to any geographical mishap such as flood, earthquake etc.
Loss or Damage to the Vehicle by following events:

It will cover al the legal liability arising out from the death of the third party.
Best Car Insurance
We have seen some major covers and benefits given by some major companies in India. However, there are also several others small or big insurance companies across the country providing different benefits and covers. When we have glimpse at the benefits given by these companies we really get confused while choosing the best car insurance for our car.

While having to choose for the best car insurance we must look out for few points mentioned below which may help us to choose best car insurance for our vehicle: