Home Decorating is Easy… When You Know a Few Secrets

Surprise Friends with Your
Home Decorating Talents!

You can achieve fantastic results and save hundreds of dollars on your decorating projects using a few basic design concepts.

If the thought of decorating a room sends you into a panic, help is at hand. The Home Decorating Mentor, like any good mentor, will guide you through the process…pointing you in the right direction. You will be shown how to use your individual decorating style to create the perfect home for you and your family.

Your home is your haven. It’s your family’s place to feel comfortable and relaxed. It reflects your taste and lifestyle. Spending time there is a simple pleasure. It’s all the more pleasurable when you know you decorated it yourself.

You’ll soon be able to take a home decorating project from the planning stages to adding the finishing touches. No more hyperventilating at the mere thought of picking out paint colors or mixing patterns together. With the Home Decorating Mentor’s help, you will soon be putting rooms together with great success.

It has been said that every house tells a story…

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